Einige Grundregeln.

Diese werden von den braydmedia.de-Moderator*innen festgelegt und erzwungen.

  1. Primary language is German, but other languages like English, etc. are allowed too
  2. We have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, transphobia, antisemitism and similar. Showing such behavior will get you banned and in extreme cases reported to local authorities.
  3. Use content warnings for sensitive and/or NSFW content, as well as topics, that could be triggering.
  4. No doxxing or leaking of private information about users and/or non-users
  5. Crossposts from Twitter to Mastodon are allowed. However the content isn't allowed to be spam. It's also not allowed to use phrases like "on here" when crossposting from Twitter to Mastodon and the account on Mastodon should also react to interactions by users in the fediverse.
  6. Do not spam with your personal account and do not create bot accounts that post an insane amount of posts.
  7. Please do not use this instance as your cloud storage for photos and videos. You can upload both and you can also focus your account on photography etc. However, please keep in mind that everything you post has to be stored somewhere, which costs us money.
  8. You have to be at least 18 years old to register on this instance. If you're under 18 and we find out your account will get removed.