How does federate? Does it work like on Mastodon? One user on your instance follows another user on another instance and users on the same instance can also discover the videos of the channel registered on the other instance?

Or does it work in a different way on there?

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As I could see it is part of #fediverse since it implements the ActivityPub protocol.

Anyone can run their own server and client that communicates with each other.

I'm not sure if the videos are necessary replicated abroad, but it is distributed through the WebTorrent protocol.

You can read more about it here:

@B1rn3 @brayd

Yes, it federates like Mastodon does.

It uses the same federation technical standard so you can follow PeerTube accounts from within Mastodon or many other Fediverse server types.

For example you can try interacting with the PeerTube account @chriswere

@brayd I asked @tilvids tgis as well! This is what they said: “You can think of your federated Mastodon account as a good way to follow and get updates on individual creators, but it you want to interact with them (or anyone else) you'll need to make an account on TILvids to do so.”

It makes it easy and then also I think I’ve seen those #peertube accounts in my #mastodon feed as well. The following of peertube accounts is just like following users from other instances.

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