To the community on here: does maybe anyone of you have an idea what could cause this? I can connect to any Wi-Fi via the NetworkManager on 36 (clean install) but I’m not getting any traffic trough. Regardless of the network I’m connected to. When restarting the NetworkManager and instantly pinging, I’m able to get 1 package trough, while the rest is packet loss. Connecting via Ethernet works.
More details:

Hi, i'm running Fedora 36 as well, and i have no such issues.
My guess would be kernel driver.
Have you tried if it works with a different wifi chip? (Cheap usb-wifi card?)
I had good results with atheros, intel and qualcom. Does dmesg show any problems with the card?

@tk hey forgot to give an update. It was indeed the kernel driver. Switching to rtw88 which can be built from GitHub made it work. The only issue is that as soon as there is another kernel update I have to build the driver from source again.
Either that or I’ll switch out the network card if it’s possible with my laptop.
Thank you for your answer!

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